Why we are not like any other 4wd Hire Company

It was early one summer that a group of friends decided on a four day trip to the world heritage listed Fraser Island - the perfect destination for a well earned holiday. There was just one problem; no one owned a four wheel drive and no one wanted the inflexibility of going on a tour. "Why don't we just hire a 4WD, said an enthusiastic voice in the group. That shouldn't be that hard they thought, so they went to work to find the right company to hire from.

After about twenty minutes on the phone and thinking they had all the information they needed, the group went ahead and booked a 4WD. They paid for the hire over the phone and eagerly awaited picking up the 4WD that coming Friday afternoon.

One member of the group that wasn't present during the initial organisation of the trip, was amazed just how little the rest of the group knew about what they were getting themselves into. What does the insurance cover the vehicle for, what doesn't the insurance cover the vehicle for, how old is the vehicle?, why hasn't someone told you what you are getting yourselves into. They had no idea about what the insurance did and did not cover them for. They foolishly thought going with a big company meant everything would be okay.

Friday afternoon came, and they arrived at the company depot only to find a badly maintained late model 4WD. Within ten minutes of arriving at the depot, the unhelpful staff had the group on their way. The drive home gave them a hint of what was to come, bad clutch, bad brakes, bad smelling air conditioning and soft suspension, but as one of the group pointed out, 'We don't need anything too flash; we're just going to Fraser Island, how hard could it be?'

The group arrived on Noosa's North Shore beach at nine o'clock, it was a typical Queensland summer's day, not a cloud in the sky, this was going to be a great weekend they thought. As they drove on the beach it became painfully obvious that no one in the group had any idea, how to drive a 4WD on the sand.

It wasn't long however, that the group got bogged, the combination of lack of knowledge, an unsuitable vehicle and soft sand made the going hard and slow. After seeking the help of a kind passer-by, the group were again on their way. That was the first of many times the group got bogged on their trip away. They saw many other people on the island but no one seemed to be having the same problems that they were having. Eventually however, they got to where they wanted to go.

Overall however, the group still ended up having a good time and even caught a few fish. What turned out being a good long weekend, should have ended up being a great long weekend. The lack of up front information regarding insurance and other charges during the initial ring around left a lot to be desired. Combined with the badly maintained vehicle, poor customer service and lack of interest shown by the hire company staff, left a lasting impression on the group.

After similar experiences with other hire companies, Coastal 4WD Hire was created. Quite simply, the founders of Coastal 4WD Hire were once in the same situation as their customers. They wanted the freedom of a 4WD, but either couldn't justify spending the high cost of buying and maintaining a 4WD or only needed a 4WD a few times a year.

Furthermore, a need for a reliable 4WD, suitable for getting them from A to B with the minimum of fuss is also very important. Then there is the whole issue of customer service, hiring a 4WD isn't like hiring a normal road vehicle, there is a lot more to consider when driving off road (as the group found on their trip to Fraser Island).

Coastal 4WD Hire is run by people who are experienced and accredited 4WDers, not counter staff that just take your hard earned money and give the keys. They take the time to help familiarise you with the vehicle and the likely conditions you will encounter. That's the difference between having a holiday or having a great holiday. That's why you will find Coastal 4WD Hire unsurpassed for quality, service, and price. Enjoy your well deserved holiday and remember, you're hiring from people who really care...

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